About Us

Our Purpose

Sunset Service as a space for sexual minorities, people of colour, and members of marginalized racial and ethnic communities across all faiths to come together for community, celebration and inquiry. We are distinct and separate from traditional faith-based institutions. We are members of the Toronto community and strive to provide an experience for connectedness, spirituality and respect for Sunset Service members and the Toronto community at large.

Through prayer, poetry, meditation, music, our monthly meet-ups and artistic performances, Sunset Service strives to create a space for the spiritual expression of people of colour, sexual minorities and other marginalized people.

Our History

In the Summer of 2012, at the request of the organizing team for Blackness Yes! and the Blockorama Revs. Chiedza and David were asked to participate in the Back to Our Roots event held at the 519 Church Street Community Center in Toronto.

This first Sunset Service Gathering brought together a number of local faith leaders of colour representing Islam, Judaism, West African Traditional, and Christianity from both within and from outside of the LGBT community. 150 individuals turned out for this first Service and feedback from attendees requested that this gathering become a regular community space.

Sunset Service has continued strong since that time, holding gatherings throughout the year with regular attendance ranging from 50 – 150 individuals. Gatherings have been hosted by a number of institutions, organizations and faith groups including Ryerson University, York University, Manifesto Festival of Arts and Culture, Unity Church Mississauga, the Forgiveness Project, Verity Centre for Better Living Church, and Metropolitan United Church.