Dear Sunset Service Community,

It has been a long while and we hope this reaches you well, and that life in all its ups and downs, has more often than not, been kind. There have been a great deal of changes with Sunset Service and for us as a team, and its in the spirit of transparency that we have chosen to share where those changes have brought us to now.  

As of December 31, 2019, Sunset Service Toronto Fellowship will officially no longer be active as we have all known it. 

Sunset Service began because we needed it ourselves, and with deep appreciation as each year went by, we witnessed that perhaps our communities benefited from its existence as well. It was truly heartwarming to know that a small idea first shared between two friends, grew to build a community and family of choice. 

But just as 7 years ago Sunset Service began acknowledging a need, so too does it come to an end. We trust that a new generation of changemakers are just around the corner and on their way to vision, build bridges and connect community from the inside, out. It is our hope that perhaps something of value we have created here and are leaving behind, may help those folks on their way, in doing just that. 

In truth, this work was for us as much about learning as it was about serving, and despite the more than occasional learning curves along the way, we feel confident in standing behind a near decade worth of incredible work and community. 

Chiedza, David, James and Othrr, have been honored, healed and humbled in being given the opportunity to serve this Sunset family. We could not have done it without you, our community.

With love and reverence,
Sunset Service Toronto Fellowship